ためん a [Tamen a]

This is the polyhedron. This contains triangles, pentagons and also lozenges. Besides, you might find the hidden other polyhedrons.

Size : top ø5mm / Post length 9mm × diameter ø0.8mm
Material : Yellow gold(K18YG)
Price : 18,000 JPY + tax

All products are produced on order. It takes about 4 weeks before handling the products over to you. Thank you for your understanding.

» お取扱い上の注意 [Precautions on handling my products.]

お取扱い上の注意 [Precautions on handling my products.]


●There are cases which you might have itching or irritated skin from using my products depending on your allergic tendency. If you feel abnormality in your skin, stop using the products and see a specialist. ●Please handle with care due to its delicate design. ●The product might change its color due to a chemical change such as aging, cosmetics, detergent and hot springs. Please handle with care. ●During use, the product might be caught on clothing. ●Please make sure that small children and pets will not swallow it by accident. ●I will not take any responsibility for injuries, allergies, and any kinds of troubles caused by my products. Please handle with enough care.

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1982.1.9 北海道帯広市生まれ。♂

Born in Obihiro city of Hokkaido on 9th January 1982.
“cip” means “ship” in the Ainu language. “cipcip” was named with wishes to connect relations as a ship which carries things and people and connects land and land. I have been working to express and produce with independent approach, and connecting between the most advanced technology and craftsmanship. I provide accessories with a supple mind as I cherish an exciting curiosity, a playful mind, and an inspiration. I make new molds one by one and complete products by hand due to their delicate design focused on details. I appreciate if you really enjoy unique design and delicate details.