[ Art Director ] Naoki Ikegami * 池上直樹(コトホギデザイン)
[ Graphic Designer ] Naoki Ikegami * 池上直樹(コトホギデザイン)
[ Web Designer ] Naoki Ikegami * 池上直樹(コトホギデザイン)
[ Web Developer ] Shinro Kato * 加藤晋朗(ipuheke)
[ Product Photography ] Ryoukan Abe * 阿部良寛
[ Calligrapher ] Kyosui Terashima * 寺島響水
[ Translator ] Misaki Ogitsu * 荻津美沙樹
[ Image Photography ] Yoshitaka Yoshikawa * 吉川宜孝
1982.1.9 北海道帯広市生まれ。♂

Born in Obihiro city of Hokkaido on 9th January 1982.
“cip” means “ship” in the Ainu language. “cipcip” was named with wishes to connect relations as a ship which carries things and people and connects land and land. I have been working to express and produce with independent approach, and connecting between the most advanced technology and craftsmanship. I provide accessories with a supple mind as I cherish an exciting curiosity, a playful mind, and an inspiration. I make new molds one by one and complete products by hand due to their delicate design focused on details. I appreciate if you really enjoy unique design and delicate details.